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Flashing question mark on Mac can be fixed in no time on a Mac. that the flashing question mark comes over the screen and then Mac is Whether they are any kind of included items, personal stuff or any official folders.

If you've ever connected to a WiFi access point, you might be able to find your MAC address in its logs or DHCP lease table accessible through the access point's configuration website. This is because your laptop's MAC address is used as a unique identifier to tell the access point which IP address to assign.

However, it's possible the access point already "forgot" your laptop, and it won't show it anymore. In some cases, if your computer directly connected to a modem, its MAC address was used to identify it to your Internet Service Provider. I'd also suggest to look for the serial number of the laptop. It should definitely be available somewhere in the material that came with the machine. The serial number could also be on a warranty card, a sticker, et cetera. However, note that MAC addresses can be changed — so there's no guarantee a knowledgeable thief hasn't already changed it, at least if the hardware allows that.

The same goes for the serial number that's somewhere on a sticker or even engraved on your the machine. It's basically like stealing cars — even those could get new fake serial numbers if the thief is clever. If you connected to your home internet, there is a log in the router that stores all mac adresses and the IP adresses. If you computer has been stolen and you need to give them the MAC adress of your laptop you can get it from there.

Maybe I'm over thinking this, but MAC spoofing is relatively easy, and the address isn't even unique. Honestly, the only way you're likely to get your laptop back is if the thief accidentally leaves it somewhere, and even then, the police would need to find it, and you would have to somehow prove to them that it's yours. I honestly think that the best course of action would be to change any internet passwords that are remembered by your stolen laptop's browser, buy a new computer, and move on. I can only hope that you have backups of any important data.

I know this question is old, but today I had a similiar headache myself after finding out that my router already "forgot" my recently stolen Macbook. There is one way not mentioned here, the storage backup.

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If you have access to any kind of backup from your stolen laptop, it is possible there are some wifi diagnostic files included. If you can get the serial number for your laptop, the manufacturer may keep records of MAC address tied to system serial number. It's a bit of a long shot, but since MAC addresses are unique, this is definately possible for a company to track. I don't mean to be a debby downer, but depending on the model of the network adapter, the MAC address can be changed.

This may may make things a bit more difficult. They could have changed to something generic like DE: On the other hand, this isn't something that is commonly known to be changeable because the stardard for years was that the address was "burned" in the chip by the manufacturer. However, woliveirajr has a point in comment to your question in that if you have a router at home that you connect to, you stand a good chance of finding a log with all the different MAC addresses associated with their host name that has ever connected to it. I hope my answer is not given already.


Usually the retail box also has the MAC and serial numbers as labels on it. If you find the serial on the box, it might help more to identify the laptop.

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It could be written in some label in your manual, you know that the Mac address is made of 6 numbers in hexadecimal digits, right: Like a0: And have you used your laptop in your network? Isn't there some log in the network of the times you connected your laptop? You can't "trace" a laptop with its MAC address. From dictionary. As I understand it the only way to get past a bios boot password is to replace the bios EEPROM chip and your average thief isn't going to have the skills to do this. If you didn't have those passwords activated then you will know better next time.

Goin' Fishin' Some day. This Week Time Zone: GMT Hopefully you had a backup of your data and some sort of Encryption software installed on the laptop to protect the data from any unauthorized users. Just out of curiosity, what were the circumstances of the theft? Thank you for your responses. My laptop is login enabled at startup and wakeup on Mac OS Sensitive info is stored in an encrypted disk image, but unimportant data photos, music, etc. I have used this in the past, I concluded that, it wasn't worth having: It seems to me that data encryption and enabled logins would suffice.

Of course to the average thief, that would be major pain for him, but if he has half a brain he may figure out the solution. But I am no expert, I welcome other's thoughts on this topic. All my data was backed up, part of my regular routine, as a clone of my HD. I restored the clone to another computer so life continues as before.

All my online passwords changed, credit cards changed just to be safe. I lost the financial value of the laptop, my hours upgrading the hardware, and software tweaks had Ubuntu running perfectly on it. Thank God that was all I lost.

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The thief could have really cleaned me out if he searched around. I was stupid. I did not lock my door when I left my room. I always do, and the one time I didn't I learned my lesson.

I will be kickin' myself all year for this one. It happens to a lot of people.

Trace stolen laptop by MAC address

I believe the figure is actually higher since not everybody has the guts like youself to report it I hope this helps. I wonder how those numbers compare with the number of laptops in use.. No way to know, I guess. Mark, It's good that you have a backup. I've learned a bit about this subject in the past week, and I want to share. Maybe you can find some information helpful.

They opened the email program which was able to access the user's email account. While this is not generally a good thing, we noticed it when the current user deleted all of the IMAP email and the user complained. Of course, I was surprised of two things: We had other software on the system that is trying to use servers on our network, too.