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Flashing question mark on Mac can be fixed in no time on a Mac. that the flashing question mark comes over the screen and then Mac is Whether they are any kind of included items, personal stuff or any official folders.

Mar 31, 2: For both of you. You have to manually copy the files over to the Android phone. Just copy that to your phone. Your phone should show up as a Storage device. You may have to create a folder on it called Music and put your music in that folder. Then the S3 will see it.

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Mar 31, 8: To transfer files from Mac to Android devices 3. Once you have the transfer app installed you can drag and drop files directly from iTunes into the transfer window. Apr 1, 3: When you connect the phone to the computer it will show up in Finder Usually with the name "No Name".

Now all you have to do is go to the iTunes Library and copy over the music you want on the phone. In that folder you will find all your music. Apr 1, 9: Google in its massive wisdom removed this functionality beginning with ver 3. If you plug in a Galaxy S3, which is probably running Jelly Bean 4. I need it to transfer files to my Nexus 7 that is running 4.

The Nexus 7 manual even contains the instructions for installing this app.

Android Transfer

Also, while you can use the file manager to find songs in the iTunes Library I didn't mean to suggest you couldn't you can also drag and drop directly from iTunes. I find this easier, but others can certainly disagree. Apr 1, Not an expert on Android yet.

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  8. Still learning. My Nexus does not have that function. Don't have a Galaxy S3 to play with, but I assume as the original poster is having a problem, he may be in the same shoes as I am. I suppose as a first step he should check the USB settings to see which mode is available and make sure it is active.

    Use Smart Switch to Transfer Content with Your PC or Mac

    If that is the case he may need the File Transfer App. May 15, 7: Just connect your android to your computer pc or mac don't matter then unless you have iTunes set up to copy songs to the iTunes folder copy your music files to a folder on your computer and then drag that folder to the Galaxy S3. Besides, I would like to recommend you a software called Android Transfer, which can easily transfer music, photos, contacts and more from iTunes to Android phone. See More: How to transfer iTunes music to Galaxy s3. Jul 27, 4: Google led me to this thread and I'm hoping tht someone can explain in simple terms to this newbie to both iPad and Galaxy S3.

    I have not connected my phone to my Vista PC before, so I expect the phone will show as a removable drive. I do not understand why, but on my PC, I have two different paths that lead to the same folder, and a third path which leads to a different folder!: These last two lead to the same folder which I suspect was created when I update to iTunes 11 and it contains the following folders: There are also five system files: Since my "external SD Card" has such a large capacity, I was thinking of dragging my whole library from my PC onto the phone.

    Then there is the associated artwork which is in the iTunes "Album Artwork" Jul 27, 9: The Android OS in the S3 will be able to find your tunes no matter where you put them. It is just a convenience to put them into a dedicated folder. You should not need to copy artwork files as they are usually imbedded in the mp3 file. If they are not, you can use itunes' "get info" function to add the artwork.

    Requirements for PC and Mac

    Not sure how copying artwork files to the S3 might work. Open another Finder window anywhere on your Mac — most likely your Music folder, for the purpose of this tutorial. Now, you can drag-and-drop to files from one device to the other, copy-and-paste them, or whatever else you want. You can also delete files from your Android to make room for more stuff. Check out more Evolver. Want a state of the art computer? Get a job. Otherwise, be grateful you have someone to give you hand-me-downs and stfu. Then my Macbook recognized it right away.

    What a twat you are. Lower your caps lock and chill your fucking nips you asshat. The post says it only works on Android 3. Oh, and wake the fuck up and read, too. You wasted 3 hours? What a loser …. Note this part: I almost gave up on this until I tried a different cable. Some USB cables only carry power, but no signal. If the cable is one of these, then this data connection will not work.

    Transferring Music and Video Files to Your Samsung Galaxy S3

    In my case I think I was using a cable that came with a mobile battery charger…. You can connect via Wi-Fi and transfer files as quickly as your router can handle. Go to this site and see the video http: Sure, Android data recovery can help you transfer your data from android device to computer freely.

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    Just give it a try. Here is another choice.

    Do you know how I can transfer music from iPhone to android? Want to transfer files between Android and Mac computer? You can use the Coolmuster Android Assistant to help you. For more information about transfering music files between computer and android phone you can visit: Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is a great app for android users to transfer data between android and computer.

    Android Manager is able to backup all contents on Android devices to computer with zero quality loss.