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Flashing question mark on Mac can be fixed in no time on a Mac. that the flashing question mark comes over the screen and then Mac is Whether they are any kind of included items, personal stuff or any official folders.

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Also the newest model has a mini-dvi so only buy one if you know you're getting a mini-dvi to dvi connector this will come in handy when connecting to a tv. The next step is to turn it into franken mac mini, by adding more ram a much bigger hard drive and the will to destroy. Then you need to setup the software.

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For this one step, its nice to connect it into a monitor and a keyboard. I happened to have these things for my regular computer, so it wasn't much of a problem for me.


Make sure you're operating system is completely up-to-date: Become a mac developer member and install the developer tools Install all needed quicktime codecs Install fink for the open source software Install VLC for your secondary movie player The last step is to set all the needed system preferences and settings so you never have to plug in a keyboard again.

Check it out at: Eventually, you hope your mac mini will be sitting on the shelf minding its own business. If you have business to attend to on this computer at some point, you'll need to connect to it if you don't have a spare keyboard and monitor around. Even if you do, this helps you connect one computer to another to share files or promote laziness. First you need another computer mac preferred. Its the slightly more expensive option so if you are looking for the cheapest way to do this and you are starting at the beginning, perhaps you should consider just buying a keyboard mouse and monitor, otherwise read on!

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The associated instructable details several ways to gain different kinds of access to your mac mini To just copy files with another mac, you can setup file sharing on your mac mini under system preferences, then connect from the finder with your other mac. You can also use screen sharing to create a virtual screen in your other computer so you can control the mac mini SSH and SCP are two command line utilities that allow you to run commands on the remote computer and forward information. SCP is about the simplest method for copying files from one computer to another.

Setting up Mini without keyboard or mouse

SSH will be used later on to enable sharing music across the interweb as well as allow screen sharing also across the tubes. Connecting one computer to another can be done in a multitude of ways, but these are the most useful for actually controlling your computer. Find it here: The advantages of this program are that you don't have to use itunes to serve the music, you can see the music using other music programs, and you can also get it to share your music over the web or through an ssh connection from across the world. I believe it also recognizes many more types of music.

For those that already use iTunes it still recognizes the playlists and music you've already setup. Mt-daapd is a very versatile program, but there were a few tricks involved. I'll show you all I learned from setting it up. This instructable shows you how to setup Firefly Connect to it from within your network and Likewise, connect to it from outside your network!

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Now available here: If you've installed the webserver mentioned in step 1, you can now create a photo server site so people can view all your photos without dumb bandwidth and space restrictions. Most photo sharing services limit the amount of space you can use or uploads per month, so why not skirt around the issue and instead host them on your own webserver.

This instructable will show you how to: Setup and configure your own webserver using MAMP, an easy to configure hosting tool. Then we'll setup up zenphoto which is an open source photo album system so you can see all sorts of pretty pictures Here! Front Row on the mac is an incredible resource to play movies, tv shows music podcasts, and so much more from your TV or display. Using the included remote, you can setup up great media center in your living room.

Here's how! The instructable shows how to: Get the appropriate cables and adapters to connect to the TV Move all content to the appropriate places, or create aliases to it Tell Front Row how to read not quicktime files Lock down your remote to the mac mini Hit play!

Check it: The following are ideas I've come up with that I'm interested in doing on my mac mini. I'll get to them soon enough, but what others can you think of? Great instructable, but I am not a Devotee of Mapple The cheaper way to not spend is to buy a used mini from ebay or better from your neighbor if their throwing one out and replace anything that needs replacing.

Newegg has the ram so thats answers that. This actually got me thinking: What if I could attach a pre-programmed keyboard that delivers the required input timed appropriately to the required wait-times, etc and generate a universal "Mac setup adapter"? I could imagine the "Teensyduino" being the prefect fit for this job. Unfortunately, though, I don't have one of those lying around at the moment, but it would be worth considering if one really had to do a larger scale setup of such machines.

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In contrast to my initial concerns about using Target Disk Mode, apparently people have previously had success installing OS X onto another computer in this way. There are two different approaches here:. The secondary option appeals to me, but either solution does require a Thunderbolt or FireWire cable.

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  4. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to setup a Mac Mini without a monitor or mouse or keyboard? Ask Question. Well, that clearly requires a Monitor, right? Chris Chris 2 5 There are two different approaches here: The process would look something like this: Complete the initial setup and activate any remote access features you want. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.