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Let these beautiful fonts tell stories for you. Whether in print or on the Web, make it fun and quirky with this typeface brought to you by Rodrigo Typo. This handmade serif typeface by Design Panoply offers versatility with a bit of whimsy. An expressive handmade font with a highly humanist look. Inspired by pre-Columbian art, this one from Latinotype would look great on headlines, logotypes, or for use on packaging designs.

Need the perfect playful font for your poster, greeting cards, t-shirt, logo, or branding? Try this cute typeface by Olexstudio.

40 Free Kids Fonts

Then get this font collection by Frisk Shop. Believe it or not, this hand-drawn typeface pack from Kimmy Design features not just one, but three different font styles! For a truly unique and bold statement, try this playful font from Barkova Nadya. Have fun using it in slideshows, posters, greeting cards, and more!

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An amazingly cute typeface by Rodrigo Typo. It really gives character to any project! Now available with Cyrillic and alternatives. Add a happy vibe to your works by trying out this unique font from Andrei Robu Type. Be inspired by this bold, clean font by Groovy Journal. Perfect for print projects like t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, and more. Sometimes, all you need is a dash of playfulness.

Add this typeface by clipick to your design arsenal for all-around crafts and projects. It features sweet upper and lowercase font with alternates.

Inspired by the simplicity of modern Scandinavian style with some influence of Japanese kawaii , this collection from MyCreativeLand features more than illustrations created for happy clients. Get in the mood for school with this typeface by ikopylov. This pack contains eight hand-drawn seamless patterns and bonus vector school supplies illustrations. Make your artwork stand out with this collection containing fun vector stickers in the form of cute characters, symbols, and more.

Looking for lettering that looks modern with just a touch of vintage? This one by Ksenia Belobrova was made to look like real lettering, having almost alternates and ligatures, organic forms, and realistic connections. A traditional brush and watercolor typeface by Ramandhani with bonus beautiful botanical watercolor PNG files.

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Be inspired by this playful yet casual typeface by lovepower. Love monograms but hate the formality? Then this font by missy. Light-hearted and fun, the collection also includes various frame options for tons of possibilities. Monstahh typeface by Drizy will surely make your projects seem larger than life. It also comes with an outline version to mix and match for more possibilities! Want your projects to look tasty enough to eat? Try this fun, bouncy, quirky, and casual typeface by Nicky Laatz. The pack also contains extra doodles to enhance your works.

These 10 fonts for kids will keep you young at heart

Perfect for tasks or artworks requiring a little childish or fun vibe. Featuring chubby clean letters, it looks simple yet modern. Make your projects tastier with this smooth and cute font by missy. Get the pack and also receive the Garlic Butter Doodads file, full of swirls, swashes, icons, arrowheads, tails, catchwords, and more decorative items! The pack comes with seven styles and retro add-ons to give your audiences a blast from the past. This fun mixed-case font from missy. Mix and match letters with numbers for endless possibilities.

A fun project or artwork needs a fun font. Be happy! Another font from the school-inspired camp, Cool Crayon is a typeface that emulates the gritty texture of blackboard chalk. Although we can't help but think, do kids these days even know what blackboards are? Answers on a postcard This font is available free for personal use only, but you can licence it from designer David Kerkhoff's site Hanoded Fonts. Maybe it's just us, but this font is a typographic flashback to sitting next to someone in school who dotted their i's with love hearts and more than likely wrote in neon gel pen.

Either way, Cookie Monster is a fun kids' handwriting font that you can download for personal use for free or negotiate a commercial license with the designer, Des, via the contact details in the font description.

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If none of the other pencil fonts on our list are quite what you're looking for, perhaps Crayon En Folie is what you need. This kids' font takes your standard pencil typeface and gives them a splash of colour. A cute font with Sans in the name? In fact, this typeface is pleasant on the eye and slimmed down so you can fit more letters on the page.

How to Create Your Own Fonts for Free

And given that it's made for posters and books, it's a practical design choice, too. When a kids' font is simply named Kids, you know you're on to a winner. Evoking the inky block lettering you'll find in exercise books again, are they still a thing? Or is it all iPads in classrooms now? Best of all, you can grab it for free. See more Typography inspiration. Topics Inspiration.

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